Partnering with 99DIGITS means entering into a mutually beneficial agreement to bring industry leading solutions to the marketplace and implement them quickly and cost effectively to address the needs of small, midsized, and large enterprises equally. Our philosophy is to place the customer at the center of everything we do and our partner programs position our channel and alliance partners to take advantage of industry best practices.

The 99DIGITS Channel Partner Program is our comprehensive sales, marketing, and support program that offers our Channel Partners significant opportunities to grow their businesses with award winning products, training, and support in a highly competitive, dynamic marketplace.99DIGITS looks for partners that are leaders in their field and have built a program to offer substantial benefits and support. We’re actively looking to build partnerships with companies that have the same focus on delivering innovation and customer service excellence.


Trust – Get transparency across all aspects of the partnership and support that places you and the customer first.
Innovation – Gain access to the latest technology innovation – and a disruptive business model.

Differentiation – Offer IT and business transformation through strategic product offerings.

Opportunity – Extend market reach with land and expand opportunities.

Value Add – Show customers higher, demonstrable customer ROI and offer to eliminate disruptive upgrades.