Time & Material Model

This is the preferred option when project requirements are likely to evolve during the course of the project or when the client wants specialized skills for a period of time.

In this model the customer will be charged based on the resources utilized and the time spent for the project.


In this model, 99Digits provides client the skilled experts for a given period of time. Normally the effort is charged on a pre-agreed hourly rate based on the quality of resource engaged. Since this is an effort based pricing model, the project cost is a function of the total project execution time and the corresponding resources deployed. This is usually monitored through weekly timesheets and progress reports

Large, medium and complex projects are best executed using this approach. In such cases where the requirement keeps changing, it may not be feasible to capture all the requirements in its entirety. Hence estimation of required effort may not be credible and a fixed pricing not possible. A not to exceed clause (that price will not exceed a certain amount) may be built in to maintain control on the project financials.