On Site

This is the most beneficial model for an engagement. An on site component is deployed at the client’s location for client interaction, project program management, scoping and design, and final implementation.

In this model, the engagement is generally evolving and the project requirements are changing though fairly stable. This mode is fully managed from Foca3’s offshore location. 99Digits will provide technical experts according to client requests and needs and would ensure the required skill set connectivity to client site.


  1. The project development team would be located onsite from inception till the implementation of the project.
  2. This model would be adopted when the scope of the project is repetitive and open-ended.
  3. This model is preferred when the requirements of the client include application migration, re-engineering or porting.


           1.Information – First hand Information

           2. Communication – No communication gaps

           3. Modifications – Minimum chance of alterations