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Supercharge Your Expansion with
Comprehensive Revenue Marketing

Spark both online and offline sales with 99SOCA— the globally acclaimed revenue marketing platform. Begin seizing increased traffic, leads, and sales with intelligence powered by extensive data and a team of seasoned marketing professionals today.

Save More Time

Market (and sell) faster with built-in tools for data unification, digital advertising, email marketing, customer relationship management, and more.


Capture More Leads

Make sending the right message at the right time fast, easy, and automatic with 99SOCA built-in customer data platform.


Close More Sales

Accelerate earnings with a lead nurturing suite that works with your CRM (or use ours — it powers more than $600 million in sales for clients each year).


Drive More Traffic

Get the best of both worlds: Quantity and quality. Bring more qualified traffic to your site — and convert it — with 99SOCA suite of tools.


Elevate your earnings with 99SOCA comprehensive marketing solutions.

Collaborating with 99Digits for your digital marketing means infusing your strategy with richer data, deeper insights, and impactful reporting. Discover the potential of our exclusive platform in enhancing your marketing endeavors.

Your data resides in various locations.

This leads to spending more time on troubleshooting and less on actual marketing. With 99SOCA, you can seamlessly integrate your preferred tools, bidding farewell to:

  • Dealing with .csv file exports
  • Competing for developer resources
  • Falling behind the competition.

99SOCA seamlessly consolidates your data

Effortlessly integrate sales, marketing, and advertising data with MarketingCloudFX’s user-friendly plug-and-play connections to over 50 applications, including our CRM partner, Nutshell. With 99SOCA, you can now effortlessly merge and synchronize information from your:

  • Website
  • CRM
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Live chat
  • Online store
  • Call tracking system
  • Forms And much more.

Empowering Your Revenue Growth

Say goodbye to waiting games with 99SOCA. Our committed 99SOCA team provides seamless onboarding support, enabling you to swiftly harness its unique product suite for:

  • Tailored or ready-made lead nurturing workflows
  • Advertising campaigns fueled by CRM insights
  • Data-guided website personalization
  • Comprehensive lead tracking, monitoring, and scoring
  • Intelligent audience segmentation
  • Automated calendar booking.

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