Cargo Management System

In a continuously moving world with a growing population, the need for smarter trade is more important than ever before. An ERP solution for freight forwarders to overcome technology barriers, manage their back office operations more efficiently so that they can improve their per-capita productivity and per-shipment profitability.99digits offers leading edge technology, in easy-to-use formats, to deliver significant improvements in control, visibility, transparency and cost efficiency right across freight forwarding operations, end-to-end.

The bottom line is improved productivity and better customer service, enhanced accountability and streamlined operations and ultimately more profits with less risk.A single platform solution providing a suite of tools to enable digital freight forwarding. We manage end-to-end workflows from quotations to shipments, jobs and invoices. We connect to your booking agents and custom brokers for electronic data exchange. We keep track of every account receivable and payable for maximum profitability.

If there is an issue you need to solve, we’re ready to hear from you. Together, we can make trade better.